Wisconsin Ginseng – Your Source for Quality Ginseng

The ginseng is a plant and an ingredient that finds many uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herb has also been adapted to the modern world in many different forms, especially as dietary supplements and botanical elements, which find widespread use in Western cultures and those across the world. Of about the eleven varieties of ginseng that are present, two of them are most common and widely used for their beneficial impact on human health. These include the Asian ginseng known by its scientific name Panax ginseng. and the American ginseng known by the scientific name Panax quinquefolius. While Asian ginseng is known to be of the hot kind with yang properties, American ginseng is known as a cooling tonic with yin properties. Both varieties of ginseng are used immensely by people for their balancing effect on health and vitality.

The two varieties of ginseng plant are grown in many different parts of Asia and also in some parts of America and Canada, which have a cool climate suitable for cultivating this plant. Ginseng grown this way for commercial purposes is also known as cultivated ginseng. Such plants are often grown using artificial shade from propylene cloth or wooden lathe. They are cultivated in large numbers by sowing seeds into raised beds that measure four to six feet in width. Farm grown varieties of this plant take between three to four years to reach the maximum growth before they are harvested for further processing. Such cultivated varieties of ginseng vary from the wild ones, and often characterized by broad, elongated, and less ‘man-like’ roots, which resemble carrots. The short crop rotation of farm grown varieties also makes cultivating ginseng and economically viable option for many farmers. The plants are also at times, cultivated in the woods to stimulate their natural habitat and growth environment. Such varieties are known as wild-stimulated ginseng.

Wisconsin ginseng – herbs of premium quality

Of the many different areas in USA that cultivate ginseng, Wisconsin is particularly known for its variety of cultivated American ginseng. This is because the plant has been cultivated in this location for more than a century. dating back to the 1800s. The rich loam, sunlight, and cool summers of the state make it an ideal location for producing premium quality ginseng. The plants grown here have roots that are bitter and better than American ginseng grown in other parts of the country.

Central Wisconsin is often touted as the center of United States cultivated ginseng trade. The farmers of this location account for 95% of the total cultivated ginseng in production in the country. Every pound of ginseng in the Wisconsin state is grown carefully and properly, tended to with a lot of love by farmers who have many years of experience in cultivating these plants. The herb obtained from this area of the country is known for its standards of high quality. The American variety of ginseng grown in Wisconsin is known to be superior than the American variety grown elsewhere, such as those imported from other countries like China and Canada. The breed of products offered by farm growers of this herb in the Wisconsin region is not limited to just ginseng plants or its fresh roots. Many of them also offer products such as dried ginseng, sliced roots, powdered roots, ginseng tea, tea bags, tincture, candy, capsule, and so on. This adds to the appeal of the herb acquired from this region, as it can be consumed as a supplement, in powder, liquid form or as a beverage.

Over hundreds of farmers in the Wisconsin region work on many hundred acres of land to produce premium quality American Wisconsin ginseng with utmost love and care. This reflects in the herb’s roots, which are bigger, fresher, and more potent than any American ginseng found worldwide. Many of these growers also offer products at competitive prices, which is loved by users of ginseng within the US, as well as those across the globe.