Three Major Points to Consider While Choosing a Juice Bar

We all know the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. But it is not always possible to consume them as per the recommended daily servings or your unique health needs. People are busy. Where is the time to buy, peel, or juice these fruits and vegetables?

So, should you go without the nutrition available from fruits and vegetables? Of course not; you need to simply find a convenient and easy way to consume these powerhouses of nutrients.

One extremely convenient way is to simply go to a juice bar and get your fill of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. But you cannot just go to any juice bar. You need to choose the right place to get all the benefits from juices.

Consider these three points to find the best juice bar in your city.

Seasonal Menu

When choosing a juice bar in your city; pay attention to their menu. For instance, if you are looking for a juice bar Houston; check their website to know more about their menu. A simple online search can help you find the leading juice bars in your city. You can also visit the place to see first-hand what is available in terms of their offerings.

The menu in a juice bar must be seasonal to offer the best to the customers. If a juice bar is serving juices made with fruits or vegetables that are not in season in your area; it is likely that the ingredients are not fresh. Only fruits and vegetables in season will offer you nutrition in the right quantity. Fresh fruits and vegetables stored in cold storage to use later will lose its nutrients in the process.

Only seasonal produce offers the best flavors and all its nutrients. The flavor is just not the same when you use frozen fruits and vegetables. Nutrients also get lost in the storage process.

Organic Ingredients

Check if the juice bar serves its offering made from organic ingredients or not. There are some juice bars where only organic produce is used to make the freshest of juices.

Yes, it may not always be possible to use organic ingredients due to a lack of availability. In that case, ensure that the juice bars only serves farm-fresh local ingredients. If some of the exotic fruits and vegetables are imported from other countries; make sure that only organic ingredients are used to make the juices.

There are no harmful chemicals used in organic farming. So, you will receive the full benefits of consuming organic and fresh produce.

Cold-Pressed Juices

There are several ways to extract and store juices. Some of the processes help the juice last longer (some for months!); others need to be consumed within days.

Processed juices contain high amounts of sugar and other preservatives. The processing of the juices also requires heating the liquid. These processes destroy the nutrients in the juices. When you consume the processed juices; you are only sugar, some nutrients, and artificial flavors.

On the other hand, cold-pressed juices are extracted using a hydraulic press. It helps to remove the maximum amounts of liquids from fruits and vegetables. The process requires no use of additional heating to extract the juices. Cold-pressed juices do not last long as there are no preservatives used to store them. You will need to consume cold-pressed juices within 2-3 days.

Some companies offering cold-pressed juices use high-pressure processing (HPP) to increase the shelf life of their products. The HPP is the method where bottles of cold-pressed juices are put in extremely cold water; under really high pressure. Cold-pressed juices that have undergone HPP can last for a month or two.

Only those cold-pressured juices that haven’t gone through any processing or pasteurizing method will last for 2-3 days. So, you can use the shelf-life of the cold-pressed juices available in a juice bar to discern whether you want the freshest juice available or a bit of HPP or other kinds of processing would do.

With these points in mind, you can easily find the best juice bar in your city.

Why Juice Cleanse is Important?

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse is a typical method in which the individual consumes only juices from fruits and vegetables instead of the regular foods. This method has become highly popular, and many people do it for getting rid of the excess body weight and for body detoxification. After undergoing juice cleanse, the individual will feel healthier. However, it is advisable that one should select a properly managed juice shop for having the same. Only such shops will do the process as it should be by using fresh ingredients and maintaining the entire area hygienic.

Why Juice Cleanse is Important?

In general, in the modern-day world, there will not be any constraints as regards the intake of food in one’s daily life. Any type of restriction or control will be very much impractical also. As a result of this, there happens a constant twist as far as the health of the individuals is concerned. Hence, giving a break to the regular food habits is a must. Opting to have a juice cleanse is the best practical method. By this way, you can give the desired rest to your stomach. It won’t have to do all routine works like processing the food taken, the overloaded caffeine and alcohol, remove the other unsolicited items like the saturated fats or the other toxins that might have entered into your system. One will surely feel much better, both mentally and physically after a juice cleanse. The hectic run after the various worldly matters will make one and all somewhat sick and dreary. It is wise to have a juice cleanse at frequent intervals to avoid this situation. That said, it is a must that you must find out a reliable juice center.

Benefits of Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing is best for all individuals, who are not having any health-related problems. Fruits, light soups, and smoothies blended with proteins are usually recommended for the juice cleanse. In any case, it is advisable to consult a practicing physician to get professional advice before opting for a juice cleansing. This consultation is essential to make sure that your body is perfectly fit for staying away from the usual foods for some days.

• Freshen up the individual’s body system by using the essentially needed minerals and vitamins.

• Will cut down crave for having regular comfort food.

• Augments the energy level so that your daily life will become more energetic.

• Controls the overall health in a better way.

Prepare Yourself for a Juice Cleanse

Remember, the initial period of your juice cleanse will be a bit tough for you, because you are used to regular food habits. There are shorter, and longer juice cleanses, and you can choose a particular one, which will be suitable for your purpose. However, there must be some preparations on your part before the start of a juice cleanse. You must stop using or reduce the consumption of alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, grains, and animal products before some days of having a juice cleanse. You must also drink a lot of water.

Juice Cleanse

For juice cleanse Houston, you can check through the internet and find out the web addresses of various juice cleansing providers. You can also find out about such shops by checking with your friends or relatives. Such recommendations may, or may not work for you, because, individual preference changes from person to person. The suggestion given by your relatives or associates may be suitable for them, but, may not work for you. Hence, it is always better to do a Google search and find out the details. You can also visit some of the shops for getting a better understanding. Nevertheless, here also you will have to take care. You will be able to find a glut of juice cleansing shops, and from the list, you must pick the most experienced and professionally managed one. The best practical way is to check in-person. Once you locate two or three well-managed juice shops for the juice cleanse Houston, you can visit the places for having a clear-cut understanding as regards the hygiene nature.

Kenyan Tea Has Wide Acceptance as A Healthy Refreshing Drink

Kenyan Tea Enjoys Mass Approbation

This brand enjoys the global appreciation for the overall effectiveness that it will bring to the body functions. Have a cup of this tea in the morning; you can make yourself ready for the start of the daily chores. It will ignite your inner energy and will keep you prepared for attending the day’s tasks effectively. The freshness of the tea leaves and the lack of chemical particles add much quality to the tea. All of the different versions of Kenyan teas have supreme purity, because of the environmental peculiarities.

The tropical climate of Kenya makes sure of high rainwater and temperature. Besides, Kenyan tea plantations stay at a whopping height of 4500 to 7500 feet, and this ensures sharp and direct sunlight. These positive factors boost the growth of healthy tea leaves. The rich sunshine ensures another vital thing; there is no need of artificial pest and weed control procedures by using pesticides or herbicides. This is an added advantage, because, tea leaves will be free from any taints of chemicals or such harmful particles. In addition, there will be a good shower of ultraviolet rays due to the high altitude. The net result of this is the higher level of anti-oxidants, which prevents tea leaves from getting damages. Because of these naturally beneficial factors, the tea leaves will be of supreme quality with good aroma and taste.

Various Varieties Are Available

Kenya exports a variety of teas such as black tea, green tea, white matcha tea, purple tea, etc. Each one of these teas has gained the grand appreciation of the users. Among the lot, Kenyan tea plantations are globally famous for the production of ‘purple tea’. The leaves of this tea-plant have purple colour, and this is something special among the other tea brands. The reason for the special colour is the genetic mutation that occurs automatically because of the environmental speciality and the unique fertile nature of the Kenyan soil. The opulence of swarming sunlight due to the high elevation and the availability of the desired level of water are the other distinctive features that make the purple colour of the tea leaves. All tastes of this brand tea are helpful for the perfect functioning of the human body, as per the opinion of the users.

Buy Kenyan tea From Leading Importers

This is imperative to make sure about the quality of the tea. Such top importers will have good working-relationships with the premium tea plantations that produce quality tea. In addition, they will work with tea plantations that stay at different locations, and this stamps the authentic taste and flavour of the tea. They also ensure that the plantation management makes use of sustainable farming methods for tea cultivation, and this means that the users are sure to get safe tea. Drinking this tea will be a great experience for you and will make you highly refreshed.

Wholesale Opportunities

Apart from the individual buyers, hotels, restaurants, and retail traders are also getting extra benefits by trading with established tea importers. They will get fresh tea products at reduced wholesale rates, so that they can pass the discounts to their customers. This will pave the way for customer retention, which is of great importance in today’s competitive market.

Locate the Online Portals of Leading Importers

The most feasible way of buying pure Kenyan tea is to buy through the online portals of trustworthy traders. You can expect to get top quality tea from them. They trade with reputed tea plantations in Kenya, which performs the processing works immediately after the plucking of the tea leaves. As the processing units will be close to the plantation, immediate transfer of the leaves to the unit is possible. Hence, the company can pack fresh leaves for exporting. It is easy to find such importers using the internet sources.

Kenyan Arabica Coffee Has a Tempting Taste That Is Refreshing

Coffee is an Accepted Drink

According to the estimation, it’s almost five or six centuries ago that humans started to use the beverage of coffee. From the very start to the present-day, the usage has kept on increasing. In the contemporary world, there is no need to explain the need and the importance of coffee. The bulk of the population across the globe starts the day with either a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. A cup of strongly flavoured coffee will take you away from mental and physical lassitude’s that are par for the course of modern-day life. Soon after you empty your cup, you are sure to feel recharged and ready for the next work. Caffeine is the key component in coffee. This stimulant will accelerate the various body functions straight away and as a result the brain functioning gets a boost. This explains why by drinking a cup of coffee one can make himself or herself feel better during the times of tiredness. Kenyan Arabica coffee is one such coffee that will make the drinker fresher and active. However, you must ensure that the pack you get is fresh and not the old stock.

Kenyan Arabica Coffee

This flavour has much demand in the present-day market, and people all over the world take it as their favourite drink. The availability of a broad range of flavours such as winey, blackberry, peppery, lemony, etc., is beneficial for the customers. They can choose in line with the actual need. As far as business people are concerned, they can display a variety of coffee to their customers.

This coffee has a distinctive flavour that will not only appease the drinker, but will also stimulate him or her. A cup of hot ‘Kenyan Arabica coffee’ in the morning will set you right and will make you ready for attending the day’s works astutely. Besides, talking about the purity-part, this coffee is matchless. The quick processing time ensures the sharp freshness. The matured coffee berries are plucked and the immediately processed. Very soon after this process, the coffee is ready for auction.

Some Factors that Stamp the Uniqueness of this Coffee

  • The richness of the environmental conditions such as the elevation of the plantation, soil fertility, and good climate that is favourable for the coffee cultivation.
  • The plantations employ most modern techniques for the processes of planting and preserving. This adds up the healthy nature of the plants. Professional expertise makes the related tasks effective.
  • Because of the above positive factors, the coffee bears mind-pleasing flavour and fragrance.
  • The support of the KTDA (Kenya Tea Development Authority) is another added advantage.

Why Buy Kenyan Arabica Coffee from Experienced Importers?

You may be an individual user, or a restaurant or hotel owner, or a retailer for that matter. Let whatever be your position, only when you get pure coffee, fresh from the plantation, it will become a worth buy.

If you get old stock or stale coffee, as an individual, you will not be able to enjoy the flavour fully and thus the benefits. For business people like restaurant and hotel owners, or retailers, this is of more importance. They will have to deliver top-quality coffee to their customers. This is a must to satisfy the expectations of the clientele and make them loyal. In our time, customer retention is highly significant, because of the fierce market competition. Hence, it is imperative that everyone must get fresh, pure, and salubrious coffee. This is possible only from the stores of experienced importers. They will have no difficulty in getting fresh stock from coffee plantations, because of their sound connections and continuous business dealings. Therefore, you must buy from experienced importers who have good rapport with the major Kenyan coffee plantations. Yet another benefit of dealing with established coffee exporters is that you will get good trade discounts and prompt delivery. Such traders will be always willing to pass on some extra benefits to their regular customers.

Use Kenyan Tea Regularly and Enjoy Rich Health Benefits

Kenya is one of the main exporters of tea, and the bulk of the foreign exchange the country earns is through this export. One can see various varieties of Kenya tea such as green tea, black tea, white matcha tea, purple tea, etc. Kenya tea is a much-preferred brand all through the world, and users prefer it because of so many positive factors. The lingering aroma and the distinctive taste will create a pleasant feel and will make you recharged. When your body or mind suffers fatigue, a cup of this brand tea will set you alright, and soon you will be back to your normal self.

Factors that Make Kenya Tea Special

The peculiarity of Kenya climate, which is tropical in nature basically, sets a solid foundation for tea production. There is ample rainfall and sunshine throughout the year here. The productive nature of the soil and the elevation of the tea plantations are the added advantages. The tea plantations stay at a height of 4500 to 7500 feet, and because of this massive distance from the ground level, the plants get adequate sunlight and rain.

Benefits of Drinking Kenya Tea

Kenya tea comes in varied tastes like black tea, green tea, purple tea, etc. Each of them stimulates the proper body functioning on regular use. It is generally regarded that:

  • Constant use of this tea will trigger the proper metabolic functioning of the human body. Hence, the benefits go to the whole system.
  • It will enhance the digestive capacity. As digestive problems are the cause of various physical and mental conditions, this creates overall health benefit to individuals.
  • It will provide anti-cancer benefits, because of the presence of antioxidant content. The great elevation of tea plantations causes direct sunlight almost all through the year. Besides, the rainfall is adequate. These conditions generate high antioxidant content.
  • Anthocyanin is another content present in this brand, and this trim downs the chance of getting cardiovascular problems.
  • The control of blood sugar is another benefit, because of the low caffeine content.
  • Weight reduction is also possible when continuously used.
  • Good for human skin.
  • Works as an anti-aging agent.
  • Will control the chance of hair loss.
  • Regular consumption of green tea cuts down the probability of the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood and betters the ratio of good and bad cholesterol.
  • Kenya tea makes sure about the effective functioning of the brain. You can easily overcome problems like the depression, etc.
  • You can rein the likelihood of getting infections to a throat, teeth, and the related regions.
  • The anti-bacterial qualities of Kenya tea are widely accepted. This avoids the possibility of getting various bacterial problems.
  • Black tea reduces hypertension and the various other heart-related snags. Constant use of the same will also trim down the arterial rigidity, thereby cutting down the probability of blood pressure.
  • It will lower the mental stress, because of the direct natural action on the stress hormones.
  • As black tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols, the damage of DNA is blocked, which keeps the body healthy.

Different Tastes Are Available

The widely accepted Kenya tea tastes are ‘Black Tea’ and ‘Speciality Tea’. Both of these have strong and pleasant flavours and aroma, which automatically will stir up the taste buds. You can find ‘loose tea’ and ‘tea bags’ in the ‘Black Tea’ label. Speciality Tea includes ‘Earl Grey Tea’, ‘English Breakfast’, and ‘Tangawizi Tea’. Though the taste will differ, the overall effect will be the same. Nevertheless, it is good to keep the different tastes within your kitchen-cabinet, because, you can change the taste from time to time.

How to Buy?

Online purchase is the effective method in our time. When you search through the internet, you will be able to find a long list of online portals that sell Kenya tea. However, you must choose the best company, a professionally managed one, to have your transaction. Only such companies will have good tie-ups with the established tea plantations, and this will ensure the supply of fresh tea, straight from the plantation.

The Benefits of Drinking Ginseng Tea

For people looking to stay healthy the natural way, herbs and plants rich in healthy compounds are often the way out. Such plants provide multiple benefits to the human body and help you stay healthy without relying on medicines or synthetically derived substances. One such extremely popular natural remedy or supplement is the ginseng, available commonly in American and Asian varieties. The root of the ginseng is an important remedy to many ailments, and a great way to keep up health. The ginseng root can be consumed in many different forms such is dried powder, capsules, tincture, and so on. Equally popular among these is the ginseng tea prepared from the dried root. This beverage is consumed as a herbal drink by boiling the root in water and letting it steep for some time.

Health benefits provided by the ginseng root are due to the presence of naturally occurring chemicals called ginsenosides. This nutritional herbal supplement is beneficial equally for health and vitality. Here are some common ones.

  • Reduced stress

Researches conducted indicate that ginseng helps the body deal with stress. It also improves the overall quality of life. This adaptogen is considered to have positive effects on the ability of the body to secrete more stress busting hormones such as corticotrophin. This hormone is known to help the body cope up better with stress and bring down its level. Additionally, ginseng tea supports cardiovascular health by preventing oxidation of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol. This in turn helps reduce hypertension. The herb is also loaded with antioxidants that help get rid of free radicals, which cause damage to heart issues in arteries.

  • Enhanced energy

Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead today, there is an increased incidence of lifestyle related diseases among the masses. Most common among these is are fatigue and higher anxiety level. Consuming ginseng tea on a regular basis improves your energy level, and also relieves anxiety by enhancing your mood. This contributes to better mental well-being and further helps strengthen your focus.

  • Better immunity

The ginseng plant is known for its ability to boost the immune system and help the body fight of infections and diseases. Consuming ginseng tea enhances the body’s resistance to illnesses. Researches show that the plant has inhibitory effects on the growth of many viruses including rotavirus and those that cause flu and common cold. The herb serves as a natural alternative in reducing symptoms and effects of such common communicable diseases. The components present in the American ginseng root help strengthen white blood cells, and prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your body. Consuming the beverage also helps create combative cells that contribute to improved health.

  • Improved sleep

The inability to sleep, or insomnia often leaves you feeling restless and drained the next day. A good solution to this problem is to consume tea prepared using ginseng root. The herb is known to support endocrine glands that help metabolize vitamins and improve absorption of minerals. This in turn aids the body absorb nutrients adequately and facilitate good sleep at night.

  • Glowing skin and hair

Ginseng is known to refine and hydrate the skin effectively. It contributes to cell regeneration and also improves blood circulation while detoxifying the skin, thus leading to better complexion. The herb is also believed to be a good alternative to many hair growth supplements available in the market. Consuming a hot beverage made with ginseng roots, therefore is a great way to get glowing skin and lustrous hair naturally.

  • Natural health tonic

Ginseng finds its use in traditional Chinese medicine, and the tea prepared from this root is thus believed have many benefits for health in general. Consuming it as a beverage helps you reap the maximum advantages of components present in the herb. By improving stamina, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, relieving the body from stress, and protecting from disease causing microbes, ginseng contributes to overall well-being and promotes healthy living, the natural way.

Wisconsin Ginseng – Your Source for Quality Ginseng

The ginseng is a plant and an ingredient that finds many uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herb has also been adapted to the modern world in many different forms, especially as dietary supplements and botanical elements, which find widespread use in Western cultures and those across the world. Of about the eleven varieties of ginseng that are present, two of them are most common and widely used for their beneficial impact on human health. These include the Asian ginseng known by its scientific name Panax ginseng. and the American ginseng known by the scientific name Panax quinquefolius. While Asian ginseng is known to be of the hot kind with yang properties, American ginseng is known as a cooling tonic with yin properties. Both varieties of ginseng are used immensely by people for their balancing effect on health and vitality.

The two varieties of ginseng plant are grown in many different parts of Asia and also in some parts of America and Canada, which have a cool climate suitable for cultivating this plant. Ginseng grown this way for commercial purposes is also known as cultivated ginseng. Such plants are often grown using artificial shade from propylene cloth or wooden lathe. They are cultivated in large numbers by sowing seeds into raised beds that measure four to six feet in width. Farm grown varieties of this plant take between three to four years to reach the maximum growth before they are harvested for further processing. Such cultivated varieties of ginseng vary from the wild ones, and often characterized by broad, elongated, and less ‘man-like’ roots, which resemble carrots. The short crop rotation of farm grown varieties also makes cultivating ginseng and economically viable option for many farmers. The plants are also at times, cultivated in the woods to stimulate their natural habitat and growth environment. Such varieties are known as wild-stimulated ginseng.

Wisconsin ginseng – herbs of premium quality

Of the many different areas in USA that cultivate ginseng, Wisconsin is particularly known for its variety of cultivated American ginseng. This is because the plant has been cultivated in this location for more than a century. dating back to the 1800s. The rich loam, sunlight, and cool summers of the state make it an ideal location for producing premium quality ginseng. The plants grown here have roots that are bitter and better than American ginseng grown in other parts of the country.

Central Wisconsin is often touted as the center of United States cultivated ginseng trade. The farmers of this location account for 95% of the total cultivated ginseng in production in the country. Every pound of ginseng in the Wisconsin state is grown carefully and properly, tended to with a lot of love by farmers who have many years of experience in cultivating these plants. The herb obtained from this area of the country is known for its standards of high quality. The American variety of ginseng grown in Wisconsin is known to be superior than the American variety grown elsewhere, such as those imported from other countries like China and Canada. The breed of products offered by farm growers of this herb in the Wisconsin region is not limited to just ginseng plants or its fresh roots. Many of them also offer products such as dried ginseng, sliced roots, powdered roots, ginseng tea, tea bags, tincture, candy, capsule, and so on. This adds to the appeal of the herb acquired from this region, as it can be consumed as a supplement, in powder, liquid form or as a beverage.

Over hundreds of farmers in the Wisconsin region work on many hundred acres of land to produce premium quality American Wisconsin ginseng with utmost love and care. This reflects in the herb’s roots, which are bigger, fresher, and more potent than any American ginseng found worldwide. Many of these growers also offer products at competitive prices, which is loved by users of ginseng within the US, as well as those across the globe.

How to choose “American Ginseng”?

The ginseng plant is well known among proponent of natural medicines and herbal remedies. The root of this miraculous plant is known to be rich in ginsenosides, a compound that provides multiple benefits to human health and vitality. The use of ginseng dates back to ancient traditional Chinese medicine and has a large number of takers even today, especially those who like to stay healthy the natural way. There are many different varieties of ginseng available in the market, a common one being the American ginseng. Bearing the scientific name Panax quinquefolius, this root is known for its adaptogen properties and cooling effects on the body. When selecting ginseng root of this kind, a few things need to be made note of. Important ones are discussed below.

• The size, shape, and age

The root of the American ginseng plant is usually available dry, and is cylindrical or spindle shaped. It is generally between 2 and 6 centimeters in length. Many of them are also conical shaped. In general, the roots have between 0.5 cm and 1 cm thick bodies. Their surface of also have fine stripes and irregular longitudinal wrinkles, along with dense and fine ring-shaped lines on the top. Most American ginseng plants roots are grown for at least 3 to 4, or even 5 years before they are harvested. The age of the ginseng can be determined by counting the scars on its leaves. The more the number of lef scars, the older the root, and the more portent it is.

• The growth types

American ginseng available in the market maybe one that is obtained from the wild, or those that are cultivated. Some varieties may even be grown artificially in the woods – a category known as wild stimulated or woods grown. Wild American ginseng generally has longer branches, and is whiter and lighter in colour. It has a stronger smell and tastes slightly sweet with a bitter feeling. Cultivated American ginseng has a thick body resembling a thumb and is generally smaller. It looks yellow and often has black stripes with a dense outside and faint yellow colour inside. It also has a very strong flavor.

• The growth locations

The American variety of ginseng available in the market also consists of two varieties of the roots, one which is imported, and the other that is grown within the country. Due to the difference in the climate and soil conditions in which they grow, these two varieties of American ginseng differ slightly in their characteristics. Imported ginseng roots have horizontal rings with greyish black colour on the outside, and a yellowish white inside. Domestic ones have scared rings. Imported American ginseng has a thin flat section, while the domestic one has as a hard, cross section that is rarely flat. Another distinction between the two is that imported ginseng smells sweet, whereas wild, homegrown varieties have a lighter aroma.

• Prices

American ginseng, be it wild or cultivated, imported or homegrown, is available at a wide range of prices per pound. The price tag is usually reflective of the age of the plant, and how and where it is grown. In general, the older the plant the higher its potency and its price. Also, wild varieties generally command a higher price than cultivated ones of the same quantity. This is because the older, wild ginseng is believed to absorb more nutrients from the forest floor, and have more healing powers derived from its natural habitat.

American ginseng can be bought in fresh or dried form. When selecting the former, roots that are plump, firm, and light colored without crushed or broken appearance. Fresh roots can be kept locked in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Dried and powder varieties last longer.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Blue Agave Tequila

Blue Agave is grown in the Jalisco region of Mexico.  Tourists visiting the Town of Tequila, the City of Puerto Vallarta, or even Guadalajara can choose from a wide selection of Tequila that is only made and sold from this area.  Most of the smooth and well-aged Tequilas cannot be purchased outside of Mexico.   It is Illegal to process Blue Aqave Tequila outside of Mexico.  While America is working very hard on producing the same quality of tequila as its home country, only a select few have managed to meet this goal.

What’s in your Bottle?

Believe it or not, when you drink a well-processed tequila, you can drink the night away without a hangover the next day. The hangover does not come from the tequila; it comes from the chemicals added when processing it.  This will also include any mix that you add yourself.  When you are purchasing a bottle of Tequila, hold it firmly and turn it upside down.  Give the bottle a couple of shakes.  If there are no preservatives, nothing will happen. If there are additives or preservatives, then the liquid will quickly foam on top.  This is not to say that the tequila won’t taste good; it is just a good indicator that there are additives and it’s not a 100% pure Blue Agave Tequila.

Blanco, Reposado, or Anjeo?

Tequila is aged in whisky barrels. This distilling process is what gives tequila its unique taste.  The length of time that tequila is aged will determine the type of tequila it will be sold as.  Blanco tequila is a tequila that has not had an aging process. It is distilled and then immediately bottled and sold. Of the three types of tequila, it is the cheapest to purchase, but it also may have a “bite” when you consume it.  The stronger flavor makes it a great mixing tequila, and it is thus very popular with lime shots.  This tequila is a clear color and is very easy to find on store shelves.

Reposado Tequila is a medium aged tequila, normally between two to 11 months. It is not as sharp tasting as the Blanco process, but it is not as smooth as Anjeo.  As per its medium aging, it is also in the mid-price range, between Blanco and Anjeo. It’s the compromise between a stronger tasting tequila and a more expensive smooth one.

Anjeo tequila is known as the top of the line.  Blue Agave Anjeo tequila is aged for a minimum of one year. It has a subtle flavor and is very smooth to drink. This is known as the sipping tequila and is generally consumed without any mix or ice.  It carries a much higher price tag but is well worth the extra money.  It is more difficult to find.  Extra Anjeo tequila is very difficult if not impossible to find in America. It can be compared to smooth whisky and has a flavor that cannot be matched by any other distilling process.  Be prepared to pay quite a bit extra for this tequila, but expect to wholly enjoy your experience with it.

Know your Distillery and Liquor Store

While Tequila does come at a price, it does not need to break your bank account. If you purchase tequila directly in Mexico you will immediately notice that the finest tequila may just break into the triple digits, but not much higher.  The price will vary based on where you shop.  In America, the cost of tequila is much higher; this is, in part, due to the distilling process, but it is also because of the cost of shipping it to the American locations. However, when outside of Mexico, keep a very close eye on price vs quality. There are a large number of tequilas on the American market that can cost hundreds of dollars for a single bottle and still do carry the quality it claims with the price tag. Whenever possible, request a sample of the bottle you intend to buy.  Your tequila should be smooth, with subtle taste. Also check the label for location. 100% Blue Agave Tequila will only be distilled in Jalisco Mexico; it should not have any additives to it. Be wary of the bottle being colored as well.  Anjeo tequila has its own brown tinge from the distilling process. Some packages like to color the bottle to give this same affect.

When you know what to shop for, Agave tequila is a liquor that has no comparison. It is a smooth-flavored beverage with a very subtle taste.  It becomes very easy to see why this is one of the most popular and well protected secrets of Mexico.

What are the Best Tequilas & What Makes Them Great?

Tequila has long had a notorious reputation for being harsh, but the truth is that it can be delicious and smooth. Just like Scotch or Bourbon or other spirits, tequilas have a wide breadth of flavors and aromas that make it perfect for almost anyone. And as tequila becomes more widely enjoyed and more quality tequilas come from the distilleries in Mexico, people will have access to some incredibly tasty experiences, including the smoothest tequilas in existence.

How Does Tequila Get Made?

Tequila tasting requires a bit of knowledge on how the product is actually made, from start to finish, and the many types of tequilas that already exist. Once you know a little bit about how it’s made, you can learn to look for certain tastes when you enjoy those smoothest tequilas.

Tequila distilling starts with the blue agave, a fruit and succulent that is high in sugars, making it the perfect plant for distillation. Tequila is traditionally made in the Jalisco state in Mexico, in and around the city of Tequila, where the spirit gets its namesake. The smoothest tequilas are made in the area and often use older, more mature agave plants.

The agave plants are still farmed in the traditional ways, largely unchanged by modern farming equipment and practices. Instead, the growers rely on generational experience that is handed down, and the results are agave plants that produce the smoothest tequilas. These plants are harvested at their peak sugar content to aid in the distillation process, and are roasted and mashed to extract the juice. That juice is then poured into vats for distillation and, depending on the type of tequila, can be removed within a few days.

Recommendations for the Smoothest Tequilas

If you are looking for the smoothest tequilas out there, you can start with a line of tequilas. Each are incredible, high-quality tequilas with a wide variety of flavors and aromas. All three are an opportunity to try some of the smoothest tequilas on the market, but here’s a little breakdown for each.

Platinum Triple-Distilled Silver Tequila

One of the smoothest silver tequilas in the world, Platinum Tequila offers a remarkably balanced, airy nose of roasted agave and fresh herbs. From your first sip, you will discover delicate tones of mint and sweet agave before finishing with crisp citrus and herbal hints of spice. As a silver tequila, the agave flavor is at the forefront, the tequila equivalent of a “fruit forward” wine.

Cristalino Añejo Tequila

Añejo tequilas are often some of the smoothest tequilas because of the aging process. Unlike silver tequilas, which are aged for just a few weeks to preserve the rich flavor of the agaves, añejo tequilas are aged between one and three years. During that time, the agave flavors become richer and subtler as the wood from the casks influences the profile. The result: a beautiful sipping tequila.

Cristalino Añejo Tequila offers one of the smoothest tequila tastes out there, with a complex nose that smells of everything from vanilla, caramel and dark chocolate to coconut, peach and cherry. On your first sip, you will instantly taste rising notes of fruit and cedar, along with hints of vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate. The taste will finish with cooked agave for a unique and delicious tasting experience.

Mango Tequila

The mango tequila offered easily one of the smoothest tequila liqueurs out there. While it boasts a much lower ABV than the other tequilas, it also has a distinctive mango flavor that cuts any lingering harshness out of the drink. The result is a mango-infused tequila that’s tropical and delicious. You will notice on the nose the mango along with caramel, mint, and baked agave. With the taste, you will notice the classic blue tequila taste with sweet caramel and mango and finishing with crisp citrus. It’s the perfect starting place for anyone who loves tequila cocktail and a tropical twist on your usual tequila experience.

Tequilas are on the rise and only getting more popular and more delicious with every passing year. If you are on the hunt for the smoothest tequila, start by checking out some of the incredibly different flavor profiles; each will give you a unique look into the wide flavor offerings available in tequila.

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