Why are Acai Bowls Good for You?

Acai bowls suddenly became hot food trends. From college students to busy executives to aged population, for all age groups Acai bowl became the favourite breakfast dish. With too many topping options, Acai bowl in Melbourne and elsewhere comes with a wide variety of choices for every taste bud. The Brazilian berry called Acai took over the popular food culture not just because of taste, but also due to the high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. But this sudden popularity over the health attributes of this food is based on research or it is just another newest trend on the food scene. How beneficial healthy this new food option is, let’s find out.

A sweet treat without added sugar

There is no stopping in the sweet craving of people. Sweet treats became popular these days with new food chains coming up with new varieties, fusion sweets every day. Shops to quench your sweet craving is popping up everywhere and they have an irresistible charm to people. In this respect this increasing trend of having Acai bowls for breakfast actually proves to be healthy since they satisfy the sweet craving while keeping you healthy with a bevy of nutrients and dietary fibre.

People feel good about the bowls because it gives them the soul satisfying tasty smoothie that tastes like ice cream though in health benefits leaves all sweet dishes far behind. An Acai Bowl is like consuming a crunchy, chewy smoothie with your own toppings of choice. As the name suggests, the smoothie bowl is packed with Acai berries besides other natural ingredients like fruits, nuts, healthy cereals, etc. Acai is long dubbed as a super food because of its surprising range of health benefits.

Health facts about Acai

As far as the sugar quantity of Acai bowl is considered, it is less likely to spike the blood glucose thanks to its high quantity of fibre. Depending on the specific toppings and the type of natural elements used as toppings the sugar quantity can further be controlled and can actually be made a diet healthy for anyone. To sum up, Acai berries are full of antioxidants, vital minerals and vitamins to offer complete nutrition and nourishment to your body. When topped with nuts, other fruits or mixed with other healthy ingredients like soy milk, they make the best breakfast option in the world.

Acai berries are considered as a super food also because of its anti-ageing and anti-obesity properties. Considered in contrast to so called sweet options like the chocolate shake, vanilla cone, chocolate cake, whipped cream, Mocha Frappuccino and similar fibre less, only sweet options, Acai bowls are less likely to spike the sugar in blood. Actually, fibre consumed with sugary food slows down the metabolism and prevents instant spike in blood glucose level. This is what happens when consuming an Acai bowl dish topped with nuts, raw fruits, oats, etc.

This is no longer one of those food fads that a lot of people do not believe as healthy. Obviously, before buying considering the fibre quantity is important. There are too many Acai bowl options that can be good for even someone controlling his sugar intake. In this respect, checking labels and reading the nutrition facts carefully is important. When indulging in any of these bowls, give attention to the ingredients and toppings. People already started treating these bowls as their favourite sweet treat or dessert just because of the yummy taste of the smoothie. But, considering the health benefits when consumed with fibre rich toppings they can consider substituting Acai bowls as a dish for breakfast or sometimes even a meal. As far as the sugar quantity of the Acai fruit goes, it contains sugars but one can always keep a check by adding healthy toppings. Actually, the sugar causing health concern is the artificial kind rather than the natural one. So, if your Acai bowl is devoid of any artificial sugar content like that granola you can actually consider it healthier treat, especially with toppings like almond, strawberries, walnuts etc. A balance between fibre quantity and the natural sugar can be reached.

So, nothing prevents you to enjoy a bowl!

It can be assumed that you have been smacking your lips for an entire bowl full of this ice cream like smoothie throughout the time you have been reading this post. Obviously, keeping aside health worries to have a nice sweet treat is not a less reward and Acai bowl (http://breakfast.about.com/od/Smoothies-Shakes-and-Fruit-Bowls/r/Tropical-Acai-Bowl.htm) in this respect can be the best choice. Obviously, the ingredient used in the bowl, the choice of toppings and the way it is prepared, all contributes to the healthy properties of Acai bowl.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers?

Nowadays most households store food in some form or the other and for this various options are available in the market. Many people prefer glass and plastic containers to store food products, but these are fragile.

On the other hand stainless steel food storage containersWhat are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers? are as aesthetically appealing as the glass and plastic counterparts but much more durable and sturdy. Apart from storing several items like spices, wheat flour and other ingredients in the kitchen these containers can also be used to store food stuff in the refrigerator. There are many reasons why stainless steel containers are the best option for storing food in any form.

•  When you use plastic containers it is possible that harmful chemicals get leached into the food. Stainless steel is non toxic, non reactive to even acidic foods and hence completely safe. Hence we can say that safety and good health of your family is one of the main reasons why you should use stainless steel containers.

•  Plastic containers tend to discolor and become stained with usage, but steel always looks clean in spite of becoming somewhat scratched.

•  One of the most important advantages of stainless steel is that it does not break, like glass or plastic even if dropped on a hard surface.

•  Steel is a very hygienic material because it is not hospitable to the growth or harboring of bacteria. At the same time, odors cannot be transferred which is a common complaint with plastic containers.

•  Nowadays it is possible to get stainless steel food storage containers which are leak proof and air tight. This is done with the help of locking clips and silicone seals similar to the ones found in plastic containers. This makes these containers perfect for the transfer of food items like salsa, yogurt or dip.

The best part of stainless steel is that it is recyclable. This is the reason that the stainless steel products that you buy are most likely to contain at least 75% recycled scrap steel content. In fact if you feel that you don’t want to use a container anymore it can be recycled endlessly.

On the other hand most plastic containers are not accepted by municipal recycling programs.

Another reason for you to opt for stainless steel is to make for litter free lunch boxes. As a parent you definitely want your child to learn good habits and one of these habits is green living. For this purpose you should teach your children about the necessity to reuse and recycle as much as they can. One of the easiest way to do this is to plan lunches that don’t produce any garbage. Stainless steel food containers can also be brought home and reused the next day producing no litter for the school or workplace. While it is quite tempting to opt for reusable plastic containers instead, you need to think again. This is because plastic containers are definitely better than sandwich bags and plastic wrap, but they cannot beat the eco friendliness of stainless steel.

The best part is that there is a large variety of stainless steel food containers available in different sizes and for different purposes. What’s more you don’t even need to trudge to the local store to buy them as they are easily available on the internet. Nowadays you can find a large number of online stores which sell stainless steel food containers. The best part is that these online stores provide a much larger variety of brands, designs and styles to choose from because they do not have the limitation of space that usually physical stores do. At the same time these stainless steel food storage (http://www.ehow.com/how_5632263_store-food-stainless-steel-pot.html) containers are available at much lower prices in online stores. This is because the online stores do not have to spend money on overhead costs and they pass on these savings to the customer. As a result almost all the products that they sell are affordable.

7 Ways to Buy Gluten Free Foods on the Cheap

It is never easy to have and adjust to gluten-free life. The major issue faced by people who have chosen gluten-free life or have celiac disease or gluten intolerance is the added cost of the products. Suddenly, you will realize that your weekly grocery bill has risen to double. There are ways to smartly deal with this.

Gluten intolerance or celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder, which causes serious damages from eating barley, wheat, or rye. Avoiding these in your everyday diet is a task and the cost of other products just does not come handy. Here is a guide to walk you through the simple and easy process to follow for a budget gluten-free diet.

1.  Consider Natural Gluten-Free Products: The best way to save pocket is to adapt to already gluten-free products. This would not add to your bills because chances are you are already consuming them. Try to develop to this new gluten-free world around you, do not just jump on and replace everything. Add lots of fruits, dried or canned beans, quinoa and veggies in your diet. You can consider grains like amaranth, buckwheat, rice (brown, white, wild), millet, sorghum and teff but you should take extra care when considering oats, as they are naturally gluten-free but contaminate as are processed in the same mill as wheat. Vegetarian or vegan diets are a safe call for gluten-free diet.

2.  Chart Out Your Meal: It is of vital importance for you to keep in mind and chart out your gluten-free diet requirements. Take help from someone knowledgeable on the subject, consider talking to your doctor/ consultant or switch online. It is important to be proportionate with your intake and to not miss out on important nutrients required by your body.

3.  Consider Bulk Buying: When switching to gluten-free diet, it is extremely important to take care of the extra cost. The best way to avoid paying extra for your food is to go on bulk shopping. Map out your requirements and head to the supermarkets and local markets. Local markets are more preferred as they will allow you to bargain.

4.  Consider Online Organic and Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping: Everything on a click sounds like a great idea. It is a new mess to look for each detail, you are bound to mistakes but internet is making everything easy. There are many big banners and small which provide a trusted and certified section for gluten-free products. You would not have to rush or stand in a queue. You can take your time, read the information, and go ahead with buying. Almost all gluten free foods online stores accept different kinds of payment mode and you would not even have to worry about carrying the baggage. Each such e-store will have easy bake and quick recipes and lots of information for you to read on.

5.  Consider Cooking On Your Own: There are many cooking websites available these days with numerous diet charts and recipes. There are many delicious and yummy easy to bake recipes available for gluten-free food (http://www.ehow.com/about_5370612_glutenfree-foods-list.html). Gluten-free food online is given a priority section as it is a trending diet these days. Many dedicated cookbooks are even available in the market for you to experiment and adapt to gluten-free food. Potato can be your new friend.

6.  Consider Asking For Coupons: Each gluten-free food online store will be giving out coupons or discount offers to attract and retain customers. Seasonal fruits and veggies will have exclusive deals also for bigger packages. When shopping in your local market or neighbourhood store, consider asking for discounts or coupons. Local grocery stores also keep seasonal sales on their products and you cannot just miss them.

7.  Learn To Read Labels: If the reason behind your choice of gluten-free diet is celiac disease then you really cannot afford to not know on how to read food product labels. Labels will come off as utter significance in your gluten-free food world. Read on to labels whenever you go for grocery shopping. Food products mostly have a label when they are gluten-free.

Gluten-free food diet is a costly one but just few smart and wise steps towards your grocery requirement can make it pocket-friendly. It is wise to map out a chart with your gluten-free diet on it and then consider grocery shopping.

6 Tips on How to Save Money on Organic Groceries

Nobody around you including yourself would adjust to a non-healthy life. Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. Organic foods are a way to being healthy but it comes with a cost. Organic groceries have sky-touching prices, but it would be not wise to omit them. Studies have shown that all-organic diet helps in stronger immune system and less body weight and fat.

The ultimate way for organic grocery shopping are simple, you just need to look into them. Organic groceries store more than 25% more nutrients than non-organic food, which may carry preservatives and pesticides. To have a clean diet, it is necessary to include more and more healthy organic food.

Many people wonder if the secret to staying healthy is eating and choosing organic groceries, then why the cost is much higher than non-organic products, which not only damage your immune system, but are also attracting so many diseases like cancer, neurological problems, and skin diseases. The answer to this question is simple. Something that can keep you healthy and bless you with longer life will have to have some monetary importance over non-organic products.

1.  Bulk-Buying Technique: Bulk-buying technique for organic grocery is a sure shot way to save on your pocket. Organic products have a longer life, can be stored in freezer for longer durations, so plan and chart out your requirements, and do bulk buying of organic groceries.  Almost every organic product store will have organic food container or bag in which these products can be stored for longer duration.

2.  Be Generic: The brand labeled organic groceries will be set at a much higher cost than your generic local food brands. The more generic your organic food (http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/organic-food-better) is, the more it will be carrying nutrients. The brand names are just to add the cost to your shopping bill. However, brands sway many people, but generic food products are much healthier and do not cost a bomb on your pocket.

3.  Grow Your Own Farm: If going generic does not seem like a safe option for you and brand labelled products are making you cringe away from paying the hefty bill then you can always go for growing your own farm. This seems like the most secure choice as you do not have to worry over the crudeness of the product and you can eat as much as you like. The storing of organic products is simple and easy and, so is growing them.

4.  Prioritize and Organize Your Organic Grocery Shopping: When you are aware of the extra cost the organic food brings but the healthy nutrients are not something you can keep your family away from then it becomes very important to keep in mind to pan out your requirements over a chart or a notepad. Prioritize your and family’s nutrient intake and accordingly chart out the organic grocery shopping. Save and be meticulous when it comes to organic grocery shopping and do not waste the products.

5.  Discount and Coupons on Organic Grocery: It is very easy to browse through local organic shops and look for discounts and coupon offers on organic groceries. Most weekends and especially Mondays are assigned with most of the discounts. Most of the organic grocery stores privilege their customers with discounts and coupon offers to retain customers and to increase brand loyalty. There should be no hesitation in asking for discounts or coupons in stores. Many local grocery stores and online grocery website provide with membership/club options, which can provide you with good deals in organic shopping.

6.  Consider Online Organic Grocery Shopping: In this technological age, there is nothing that remains untouched from it. There are many trusted online grocery stores and healthy food websites that shower its customers with not only discounts and coupons, but also provide with quick recipes and, healthy and valuable information over each organic products. Online organic grocery shopping is pocket friendly, easy, and simple. Almost, all of the online organic grocery stores will provide you with nutrients intake chart for each product. Bulk buying option is also available and you do not have to worry about carrying the heavy baggage.

When it comes to organic grocery shopping, it becomes extremely viable to do it smartly. Each smart tip you utilize will bring you much heftier pocket than a bill. So buy, store and, live healthy.

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