Why Is Reishi Good for You?

Mother nature is a good source of potent ingredients that contribute to holistic health in human beings. The reiki mushroom is one such superfood that is known to benefit the human body in many ways. This edible medicinal fungus has been used for its healing abilities for thousands of years, and has adopted the nickname ‘king of mushrooms’ for the same reason. This variety of fungus is popular in traditional Chinese medicine, and is tied to success, well-being, divine power, and longevity. Reishi mushrooms are used more for their pharmaceutical rather than their nutritional value. Here’s a list of the different benefits that it provides to human health and well-being.

Curb inflammation and act as an antioxidant

Many studies have revealed that reishi mushrooms can reduce inflammation in conditions such as rheumatism, asthma etc. It is also found to be effective in reducing inflammation of the membrane that lines the eye and eyelids without causing side effects. Using reishi derivatives for a short period as less as 14 days can increase anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacities of the body, and protect the blood from oxidative damage. Exactly why this fungus has been a major constituent in traditional African and Chinese medicine.

Strengthen the immune system

It is proven that reishi contains large amounts of organic compounds, which strengthen immune cells and improve general health. This fungus superfood is known to play a modulating role instead of a specific one-area of action in immunity boosting. Studies conducted indicate that reishi, when taken with antibiotics can increase antimicrobial activity much more than when antibiotics are taken alone. Reishi extract is also known to be a potent anti-malarial solution, and effective guard against liver damage.

Fight allergies and asthma

Researches indicate that reishi mushroom extracts can reduce and inhibit allergic responses. Compounds found in this mushroom (Triterpenes), are capable of lowering allergic reactions because of the way they affect the immune system. Reishi also effectively inhibits the release of histamine from mast cells and stabilizes them. As a result, this fungus is a popular natural treatment for various conditions, including chronic bronchitis, asthma, and the like.

Aid the heart

Proteins found in reishi extracts have been shown to potently lower blood pressure with effects lasting up to 8 hours. Researches also suggest that this superfood can reduce damage to the cells that line blood vessels, and control cholesterol and insulin resistance in those with diabetes.

Help prevent cancer

Reishi mushrooms provide significant benefits for multiple types of cancer. This is possible through its inflammation reducing and tumor growth inhibiting properties. Studies show that the mushroom can suppress cell adhesion and cell migration of highly invasive cancer cells, and reduce tumor growth. The fungus is useful in treating breast cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia. Reishi has also been found to significantly improve the subjective well-being of cancer survivors and patients. Its anti-tumor activity also strengthens the immune system in advanced-stage cancer.

Improve sleep

Reishi is widely used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines to treat insomnia. This is due to its sleep-promoting abilities. This has also been backed by modern science, which finds the fungus useful for sleep. Reishi functions well with sleep promoting supplements and goes well with melatonin, the sleep improving hormone.

Improve Brain function

Yet another organ that benefits from reishi is the brain. Consuming the mushroom and its derivatives is known to increase the energy supply to the brain, and reduce the amount of mind slowing neurotransmitters introduced through alcohol consumption. It is also believed to protect the brain against seizure inducing compounds.

Regenerate the liver

Recent studies conducted indicate that reishi mushrooms reverse chemical-driven liver damage. The same compounds that protect the body against cancer also appear to aid the release of free radicals and promote regeneration of liver cells.

Aid gut health

Among the many parts and organs that the reishi mushroom protects and keeps healthy, the human gut is an important one. The fungus is known to help prevent formation of ulcers, and lower the fat content in the body.