What are the Natural Energy Teas that Provide the Best Natural Energy Boosts?

energy tea

Tea is great because it can do more than wake you up and provide energy. It can also make your brain feel more awake, giving you a good mental boost in the way that a coffee does not. There are a lot of health benefits in a good cup of tea. Tea drinkers know that they can enjoy this beverage without worrying about harmful additives, caffeine, or sugars and still get a natural energy boost. In fact, choose your tea wisely and it can do more for you than just soothe or provide a pick-me-up. There are some teas that bring energy to you and give you a natural, jitter-free boost of health. These natural energy tea work well with other natural boosters for a healthy daily routine.

Yerba Mate

What are the teas that you should be looking for if you want energy and alertness from a natural ingredient? Coffee can be a natural and healthy ingredient as well, but when people think of energy drinks, it is time to think of tea as being the better choice. Yerba Mate Tea is one herbal tea that is good for you, low in sugar, and high in caffeine. Those who love it enjoy the flavor. In fact, this flavorful, strong tea is so good for you that it is an included ingredient in healthy energy drinks. Yerba Mate is also great as a natural energy tea because it helps with performance and endurance.


Peppermint makes a great, warm, soothing tea, and while it doesn’t have any caffeine at all, it can still help wake your brain and provide a bit of an energy boost. This medicinal pleasure is great for digestion, and it is there for you when you feel a little bit down. As well, if you are looking for a little evening boost, peppermint is a good choice. It has been shown that peppermint in a natural energy tea can improve mood and cognitive skills, so it helps when you are looking for focus.

Ginger Root

Ginger is delicious, a great digestive, and it’s spicy and warming as well. It has a number of health benefits, including that it can also help to lower inflammation, soothe tension, and increase blood flow. A surge of good health is a boost of energy, so ginger root is commonly included in a natural energy tea.

Green Tea

Green Tea is known to be healthy and to help with energy and alertness. There is a smaller amount of caffeine in green tea, but it is absorbed slowly into the body, so it doesn’t make the drinker jittery. That is why green tea is part of a good energy drink and is common in a flavorful natural energy tea.


Natural energy tea often contains a blend or mix of different teas that are chosen for health benefits and flavor. They include other natural energy ingredients that are adaptogens that do great things for the body. One example is Suma Root, which also energizes and serves as an adaptogen for the body. Adaptogens improve on the benefits of the ingredients of the energy tea so that the drinker can relax and adapt to whatever stressors there are. The herbs, fruits, and plants that are used in the natural energy teas that grow in the Brazilian rainforest must be ready to adapt to constant change; they have done so for centuries, making them exceptional for use in energy teas.

Natural Sugars

A natural energy tea can be sweetened naturally with honey, fruits, berries, and herbs that give the drink a great taste without excessive sugars and artificial sweeteners. These can serve the body and your health to make you feel better and give your mood and spirits a boost, too.

For anyone looking for a natural energy boost from a natural energy tea without the artificial stimulants or flavors, GMO ingredients, gluten, dairy, or sugar, then understanding how an energy tea can provide a natural boost to body, mind, and soul should include reading the ingredients that are on the bottle of the energy drink. Look for natural ingredients that taste great on their own, but that also combine to serve your good health even better.