Tips For Ordering Eco Friendly Food Online

The only way out is by reducing the use of harmful substances in our daily life. We need to take every step carefully so that we don’t leave any carbon footprint.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to save the world. We do not need superheroes in fancy costumes fighting aliens. We only need humans aware of their part in this vicious process. As food delivery is one of the indispensable parts of modern life, here are some tips for ordering eco friendly food online:

Opt for Recyclable Packaging

Nowadays many people have resorted to ordering clothes, accessories, home decor, groceries, and even food online. But to ensure eco friendly food we need to first check the packaging.

Many food brands are tending to eco-friendly or recyclable packaging to avoid the ill effects of plastic. This is the first and most basic tip to keep in mind while ordering eco friendly food online.

The packaging of the food items should be environment-friendly material. Cut the plastic usage and prefer recyclable options which do not load on the earth. Plastics are polluting the soil, water bodies, and air (if burnt to get rid of).

Order in-season food

Instead of ordering mangoes in winters and cranberries in summers, choose those options which are in season. It also ensures that the fruits and vegetables are fresh and not preserved for 6-12 months or longer.

Off-season food items are way expensive and only add more digits to the bill. They are also packed in preservatives to enhance their longevity and taste. The nutritional value of these food items decreases as their shelf life increases.

On the other hand, blueberries in winters are cheaper, fresh, and comparatively, have a higher nutritional value. Mangoes in summer are more beneficial to the body because it is their season of growth.

Order from nearby shops

Instead of ordering food from some far-off land where only Thor can reach, order food from nearby local grocery shops and food marts. This effectively reduces the delivery time and the food remains fresh. Chances are that there are little to no added preservatives in the food items.

Another way this tip is beneficial is that it can reduce the fuel consumption used in vehicles for delivery. The emission gases and fumes spread in the environment can be significantly decreased.

Read the Labels

The most important tip which applies everywhere is to read. Reading the labels educates us about the ingredients, the calories, the optimum temperature for storage, etc. We can check and order the items which have the least added preservatives.

We can also read the ingredients and check for toxic chemicals, artificial hormones, etc. Select organic options that ensure pesticide-free organic farming in the case of fruits and vegetables.
Check out the certified brands and companies which ensure the same.

Avoid packaged food

The fried chips you ordered last week will stay on the tastebuds for 10 seconds. But the harmful preservatives and gases used to increase its shelf life will negatively affect the body in the long run. Fried packaged food can cause cancer, liver, and heart diseases.

It is wise to avoid these food items and resort to a plant-based diet. Avoid bacon, chicken, and other packaged non-veg food. There are very fewer chances of it being fresh and preservative-free.

Including more lentils, beans, figs, mussels, organic fruits, and vegetables in the diet also helps drastically with weight loss. It also helps inculcate a healthy food habit.

Portion Control

While placing an order for any food item remember to order little quantity sizes. Bulk food items might not be consumed properly and will go in the bin. Moreover, fresh organic fruits and vegetables should not be stored in the refrigerator for over a week.

This is a smart way to limit the garbage in the house. And it’s also more considerate to not waste food as there are so many people who cannot even afford a onetime meal.

Apart from these, there are many other smart tips to limit the hazardous effects on the environment due to human requirements. The changing lifestyle has introduced many ill effects on nature. The least we can do is not contribute to it by opting for organic and eco friendly food.