Three Major Points to Consider While Choosing a Juice Bar

We all know the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. But it is not always possible to consume them as per the recommended daily servings or your unique health needs. People are busy. Where is the time to buy, peel, or juice these fruits and vegetables?

So, should you go without the nutrition available from fruits and vegetables? Of course not; you need to simply find a convenient and easy way to consume these powerhouses of nutrients.

One extremely convenient way is to simply go to a juice bar and get your fill of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. But you cannot just go to any juice bar. You need to choose the right place to get all the benefits from juices.

Consider these three points to find the best juice bar in your city.

Seasonal Menu

When choosing a juice bar in your city; pay attention to their menu. For instance, if you are looking for a juice bar Houston; check their website to know more about their menu. A simple online search can help you find the leading juice bars in your city. You can also visit the place to see first-hand what is available in terms of their offerings.

The menu in a juice bar must be seasonal to offer the best to the customers. If a juice bar is serving juices made with fruits or vegetables that are not in season in your area; it is likely that the ingredients are not fresh. Only fruits and vegetables in season will offer you nutrition in the right quantity. Fresh fruits and vegetables stored in cold storage to use later will lose its nutrients in the process.

Only seasonal produce offers the best flavors and all its nutrients. The flavor is just not the same when you use frozen fruits and vegetables. Nutrients also get lost in the storage process.

Organic Ingredients

Check if the juice bar serves its offering made from organic ingredients or not. There are some juice bars where only organic produce is used to make the freshest of juices.

Yes, it may not always be possible to use organic ingredients due to a lack of availability. In that case, ensure that the juice bars only serves farm-fresh local ingredients. If some of the exotic fruits and vegetables are imported from other countries; make sure that only organic ingredients are used to make the juices.

There are no harmful chemicals used in organic farming. So, you will receive the full benefits of consuming organic and fresh produce.

Cold-Pressed Juices

There are several ways to extract and store juices. Some of the processes help the juice last longer (some for months!); others need to be consumed within days.

Processed juices contain high amounts of sugar and other preservatives. The processing of the juices also requires heating the liquid. These processes destroy the nutrients in the juices. When you consume the processed juices; you are only sugar, some nutrients, and artificial flavors.

On the other hand, cold-pressed juices are extracted using a hydraulic press. It helps to remove the maximum amounts of liquids from fruits and vegetables. The process requires no use of additional heating to extract the juices. Cold-pressed juices do not last long as there are no preservatives used to store them. You will need to consume cold-pressed juices within 2-3 days.

Some companies offering cold-pressed juices use high-pressure processing (HPP) to increase the shelf life of their products. The HPP is the method where bottles of cold-pressed juices are put in extremely cold water; under really high pressure. Cold-pressed juices that have undergone HPP can last for a month or two.

Only those cold-pressured juices that haven’t gone through any processing or pasteurizing method will last for 2-3 days. So, you can use the shelf-life of the cold-pressed juices available in a juice bar to discern whether you want the freshest juice available or a bit of HPP or other kinds of processing would do.

With these points in mind, you can easily find the best juice bar in your city.