The Secrets of How to Detoxify Your Body Using Pressed Juice

A pressed juice cleanse is a type of detoxification procedure that requires you to drink raw, pure, organic, unprocessed, cold pressed juices of fruits and vegetables instead of eating anything. In that sense it is a type of fasting also that provides your digestive mechanism complete rest from consuming and digesting processed food stuffs. Though, our body has its own detoxification mechanism that regularly relieves the body from toxic wastes over time our eating habits and irregular lifestyle habits causes accumulation of toxins in our body. To get rid of this accumulated toxins juice cleansing is an effective treatment that helps rejuvenating our whole organic system. Moreover, the best thing about juice cleansing is while undergoing such procedure, it provides our body all vital nutrients necessary to keep ourselves energetic and active.

Different types of juice cleansing packages and how they work?

Juice cleansing can be classified as per duration of the procedure and as per challenge involved in going through the cleansing procedures. While 1 day, 3 day, 5 day cleanse etc. are based upon the duration and days taken to undergo cleansing, soft, medium, and hard types of juice cleanses are classified according to the consumable juice type. While some types of pressed juices in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world are suited specifically for experienced people, some juices are easier for the virgin juicers to consume.

Single day cleanse

Single day juice cleanse suits and benefits people who already undergone a longer cleanse earlier. People who have already experienced the juice cleansing benefits and whose bodies and palate have already been habituated with such cleansing process can be benefited from such cleansing. Such cleanse is beneficial to give your digestive system a rest and rejuvenate the body from time to time.

3 day cleanse

This is a bit rigorous cleansing procedure that will completely reset your entire system, refresh your palate, detoxify your liver, digestive tract, intestines and the entire body. This type of rigorous cleansing also helps immensely in regulating your metabolism and losing excess body weight. 3 day juice cleanse is ideal for people looking for a rigorous dietary treatment to detoxify or for losing weight.

5 day cleanse

5 day pressed juice cleanse is the most rigorous procedure that requires sufficient preparation. But however tough it seems to stay clear of any solid foods for 5 days, it has its array of benefits as well. It will not only help losing weight in quick time but the cleansing will rejuvenate the entire organic system or longer.

Soft juice cleanse

Soft juice cleanse is ideal for first timers or juice virgins. People who are least habituated to any type of dieting procedure will find consuming green juices challenging. Milder raw fruit juices with juices o few vegetables and nut milk will be a better option for their palate and consuming capacity. Soft juices are great for first time experience and secure the benefits of detoxification and nutritional value provided by the juice.

The Secrets of How to Detoxify Your Body Using Pressed Juice

Medium juice cleanse

Medium juice cleanse is still moderate compared to green juice cleanse, but is not mild as soft fruit juices. Juices derived from roots, veggies and nuts dominate this type of juice cleanses and is ideal to detoxify the body.

Hard juice cleanse

People who already went through juice cleanses number of times are best suited for this type of cleansing. Hard juices mainly refer to green juices derived mainly from long leafy vegetables and legumes. Basically, such juice cleansing is ideal for a faster and in-depth cleansing. Green juices have more detoxification and alkalizing property than any other juices, but they also offer the most challenging tastes for the palate.

Before, during and after pressed juice cleanse

Before going through the pressed juice cleanse stay clear of meat, dairy, starchy foods, caffeine, refined sugar, and alcohol just 2 to 3 days in prior. Thus you can prepare the body for cleanse when you would be consuming no solid food.

During the juice cleanse do not exhaust yourself in physical works or rigorously stressful jobs. This is the time your body runs in low calorie and naturally you should not push it further. Light exercise, meditation and relaxing kind of engagements are ideal during this procedure. Drink enough water and herbal tea in between juice cleanses.

Do not grab too much food voraciously just after juice cleanse, just follow the same recommended during pre-cleanse period. At this time, your body still needs to cope up with the normal eating habit and so you must revert back to regular eating gradually.