Natural Energy Drinks – How Exactly Do They Work

We don’t know it all yet. Out there is a big wide world of undiscovered, and untried plants, herbs and roots that may be just what we need for better health. Here is what we do know about energy and nutrition, wellness and vitality. They are essential and they are a part of the circle, and the flow, of the universe. Human beings depend on the energy from the flow of nutrition from plants, animals, and sunshine. An energy drink that bases its ‘power’ on caffeine, added sugar, and artificial ingredients can never bring anything more than dependency and a heavy crash to that flow, but that does not mean that there are no good, natural energy drinks to provide a boost—and benefit—to your day.

A natural energy drink, containing adaptogenic herbs and super-foods that promote destressing and relaxation as part of this energy-giving vitality can and does help. Let’s look at what a natural energy drink is, what makes these drinks different, and how they work for good health.

What is in a natural energy drink?

Life is full of stressors that interfere with sleep, and many of the natural foods, greens, and herbs promote relaxation and, therefore, improve sleep. Natural energy drinks contain adaptogens —  non-toxic plants that help the body to resist sress  from physical, chemical, or biological causes. Examples of adaptogens that are well-known are ginseng, spirulina, and even cacao, when taken without sugar.

What is not?

Obviously, many of the things that are in other energy drinks that we rely on can interfere with sleep, such as added sugars, artificial colorings, and processed caffeine. It is important to consume products that do not contain these things, or that are genetically modified, contain soy, gluten, or preservatives. Natural energy drinks work because they improve relaxation, not because they make you feel wired or provide a quick burst of energy.

How do they work?

Natural energy drinks work because they help the body to resist the stress and fatigue that life generally throws at us. By focusing more on choosing products that are based on plants that have nutritional benefits, like greens, anti-inflammatory roots and vegetables, and the new plants that are being discovered from the Amazon rainforest, the energy drinks work by improving overall good health, lowering stress, and promoting sleep so that the energy flows rather than spikes and crashes.

What to look for in a natural energy drink

It is true that some of the same ingredients that are promoted in sports nutrition drinks and other nutrition drinks do come from plants, berries, and tropical fruits. Passion fruit and guarana provide sweetness as well as health boosting vitamins and minerals. They are essential, and yes, making these things part of a healthy diet can improve vitality and help fight fatigue, helping you feel good, not bloated or over-caffeinated—you just need to make sure you are ingesting them in their proper form, like in a natural energy drink that doesn’t overwrite their health benefits with added sugars and chemicals.

Benefits beyond

Everyone loves a natural energy drink that tastes good, does good things, and gives back to the world it came from. We are constantly hearing that we are taking away from the environment and damaging our forests and fields by our use and over-use of those areas. Yet, we can’t do without the environment or what we take from it. More products are working to sustain the land than to deplete it. Being grateful enough to give back is a benefit beyond the nutritional benefits. Sudden exploration into and taking from the Amazon rainforest may seem to some like encroachment, and this, perhaps is why exploration there is fairly new.

Healing plants and natural energy drinks do more than fight fatigue but by eliminating stress and sleeping better we can also find mental clarity, wisdom and increased desire to do more and to do it better.  So, feel good, by restoring more than just your health and vitality but the ecosystem as well. By paying attention to the foods we eat and how that food is prepared and produced, the benefits are for everyone. So, no, we don’t know it all yet, but with what we do know, we can learn more.

We can all be part of the flow by looking for natural nutrition and natural energy drinks that use fruits, herbs, superfoods, and adaptogenic products from the Amazon. They work through your good health.