Five Adaptogens that Will Change Your Life

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Are you stressed? Perhaps your energy levels feel very inconsistent. Does your body feel like it’s constantly in “fight or flight” mode when reacting to modern life? If this is the case, then you might want to look into the power of adaptogen drink. These powerful herbs are known by many people to help bodies get better, more consistent energy levels while helping to deal with stress. Let’s go through precisely what adaptogens are, and name five specific examples that could completely change your life.

What are Adaptogens?

Before we dive into the top five adaptogen drinks on the market today, let’s first talk about adaptogens more broadly. Probably the best definition of these powerful herbs is that is “a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.” Research on these herbs has been going on for almost a century, but they have also been used by people for centuries.

In general, adaptogen drinks help our body regulate its responses to stress. This includes helping with the stress hormone, cortisol, which is released by our body to help it deal with stressful situations. Cortisol is a powerful and necessary part of our bodily functions, but it has had a hard time adapting to modern life, which means our bodies can often react to stressful situations in ways that make sense for running from a predator, not getting an angry email from a client. Adaptogens can be part of helping our body better react to the modern world using what it already has.

Now that we understand the power of adaptogen drinks, let’s look at the five ingredients that are very powerful and found in many natural products, including natural energy drinks.

1.  Rhodiola (Golden Root)

Rhodiola, which is commonly called “Golden Root,” is one of the best and most powerful adaptogens on the market. Although it is not a household name, like ginseng, it can actually offer a number of benefits to people when it is included in adaptogen drinks. The true power of golden root is the phytochemical salisdroside, a compound that can help resist anxiety and aging. It does this by potentially reducing your body’s production of cortisol and increasing the number of stress-resistant proteins in your body. Between these two functions, your body can actually produce less cortisol overall while your body performs more of its functions without using it. That means less stress and better overall function that isn’t reliant on cycles of cortisol.

Besides all of this, there is some research that suggests that adaptogen drinks containing Rhodiola can protect the heart and liver, help your body better process oxygen, improve your memory, and even help with weight loss.

2.  Cordycep Mushroom

While many of today’s adaptogen drinks come from the Amazon Rainforest, it turns out that mushrooms from around the world are powerful adaptogens as well, including reishi, shiitake, and maitake mushrooms. In particular, these mushrooms have compounds that can improve your immune system’s responses.

3.  Astragalus

Like golden root, astragalus contains powerful compounds that can help with stress-related responses in the body. While cortisol is powerful, it is not without cost. It is designed to help save the entire body, which means it can cause some collateral damage. Astragalus contains anti-stress compounds that our bodies can use to prevent and repair stress-related damage. This means it can help your body bind with cortisol while helping it repair when it is included in adaptogen drinks.

4.  Holy Basil (Tulsi)

If you have ever gone to a health store, you have probably seen holy basil. It is very popular, and for good reason: holy basil helps fight fatigue and stress, boosts the immune system, and regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and hormone levels. It truly is a catch-all for helping your body with stress responses, and adaptogen drinks featuring holy basil can often have a calming effect on people when they are in the middle of feeling a lot of stress in their body.

5.  Ashwaganda

If you have stressful reactions to things and it is affecting your energy and sleep levels, then ashwaganda adaptogen drinks may help. Ashwaganda has immuno-modulating effects that boost and regulate the immune system and lower cortisol levels.

Adaptogen drinks have been known by people for centuries to help the body stay relaxed, calm, and in control of its energy levels and responses, yet many people are only realizing their power now. With these fantastic herbs and plants, you could better regulate your energy levels. These five in particular can help you lead a healthier, more energetic life, especially when used in conjunction with natural energy drinks and a healthy lifestyle.

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