Beginner’s Guide to Making Coffee with Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

The best pour over coffee dripper won’t make the perfect brew if you don’t use it right. Several factors go into making the perfect cup of coffee using a manual coffee dripper. If you are using the pour over coffee dripper for the first time; you will need to brew a few not-so-perfect cups to get the hang of it (most likely). But fret not; here’s a beginner’s guide to making coffee with pour over coffee dripper.

The Basics

The first step is to use the best pour over coffee dripper you can find in your budget.

Choose a ceramic dripper with a spiral ridge design on the inside surface. Ceramic helps to retain heat, which helps to maintain the taste of the brew. Ceramic also doesn’t alter the taste of the coffee by seeping toxins into it (unlike plastic drippers).

Spiral designs help balance the flow of water, which helps in the blooming process of coffee grounds. The ridges slow the water’s flow; so that it doesn’t reach the coffee grounds all at once.

Ensure that the hole in the coffee dripper is large instead of tiny. Coffee drippers either have one large hole or multiple tiny holes. The former works better as it allows water to flow without any obstruction. Tiny holes can become clogged with coffee grounds and slow the water’s speed. It can also lead to more intense brewing of coffee than you like.

So, buy a ceramic coffee dripper with spiral ridges and one large hole. You can choose its size as per your requirements. If you like your coffee completely fresh then choose a dripper that can brew one cup at a time. Doing so will help you brew the perfect cup of coffee every time and that too without any wastage. 

The next step is to buy good quality coffee grounds.

Even the best pour over coffee dripper won’t brew the perfect coffee if you don’t use good quality of grounds. Choose the aroma and flavor of the grounds with the consideration that a coffee dripper will make a rich brew.

 The last step is to choose the right filter.

Choose a cone filter that fits well inside the dripper. Ensure that the holes in the filter are ideal as per the coffee grounds. You can use a metal or paper filter as per your choice.

The Brewing Process

Now, when you have the best pour over coffee dripper with you, it is time to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Place the coffee dripper on a flat surface. Fit it with a filter. Add coffee grounds as per your taste. Ideally, you will need 2 tbsp of grounds if you use 6 ounces of water. You can reduce the quantity of coffee if you need your brew to be milder.

Now, boil the water.  Keep the temperature of the water between 1995-205 degrees F. Begin to pour water over the grounds by using only 2 ounces at first. Pour it slowly over the spirals. See to it that the grounds are wet. Wait for 20 seconds before repeating this step. The time of 20 seconds is needed for the coffee to bloom well. Repeat the process a total of three times.

The coffee will begin to slowly flow down the dripper via the hole. You can place your coffee mug under it; so that the liquid can go straight into it.

Get it right.

Play with the process for a few days until you can identify the right coffee quantity that works for you. Even if the first cup of coffee you made with the coffee dripper was perfect; try milder and intense versions to ensure that your brew is just right. Try a few different versions before so that you can identify the right amount of coffee grounds and water for your perfect cup.

The process of brewing coffee this way may sound a bit complicated until you make it. But once you brew it a few times, you will get the hang of it and the process will seem easier for you.

Use a ceramic cup to drink the brewed coffee to retain its flavor well.