Why are Acai Bowls Good for You

Acai bowls are super foods that have caught people’s attention of late. Made with a mixture of fruits, nuts, sweeteners, or other edibles set over a base of acai puree, these bowls bring loads of nutritive value to your meal or snack time. They can be made at home, or ordered at a local juice bar or healthy food eatery. Many juice bars offer acai bowl Houston and lot of other places. Here is what makes these acai bowls so good.

Higher content of nutrients

The base of every acai bowl is the acai berry that has been blended in a smooth paste. These berries are known to be super foods with very high nutritional content. They are also rich in antioxidants, as well as heart-healthy fats and fiber. Acai helps improve blood circulation, clear your skin, aid digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and enhance the body’s immunity. The berry is also known for its natural energizing properties. Acai is a protein based berry, and high in fiber and free radicals, which give your body all the energy it needs.

A lot of fruity and nutty goodness

Acai puree is combined with a whole lot of other ingredients when it is made into an acai bowl. These include a host of fruits like apple, bananas, pineapple, or mangoes, nuts like almonds or peanuts, berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and so on. Other toppings include granola, fresh fruit juices, coconut shavings etc. This means that you get to take in the goodness of fruits, nuts, berries, juices, and other healthy ingredients all in one go. In case you are reluctant, or do not have the time to include different fruits in your meals, these bowls are great way to compensate them.

A good meal and snack

Acai bowls are the perfect meal and also a great snack. These thick and rich foods give your body a boost of energy and keep you feeling full for a longer time. The result is reduced false hunger pangs or lesser need to munch on unhealthy or junk food during snack time. Acai bowls can be eaten anytime – for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, most of these foodstuff have a sweet taste. As a result, these bowls satiate your craving for sweet foodstuff, without adding too much sugar to your diet. They let you keep away from those creamy donuts or sugar laden snacks that you pick for munching on during break time.

Tastes like ice cream, but is healthier

One of the best part of acai bowls is its taste and texture. This nutrient rich food item has a texture that closely resembles ice cream or sorbet, and tastes like one too; except that it tends to be a little thicker and creamy. Also these bowls topped with fruits and nuts are a lot healthier than a regular bowl of ice cream. In effect, when you want to eat something that is sweet, healthy and which melts in your mouth, an acai bowl is the perfect choice.

Can be made green too

Acai bowls aren’t always about berries, fruits and nuts. Like any other healthy food trend, these foodstuff can be customized to include green leafy veggies or protein rich foods in order to give you that extra dose of goodness. Many juice bars in Houston offer customized acai bowls whose toppings include greens and not so sweet ingredients. Some popular toppings of this kind include spinach, kale, spirulina, and hemp protein. If healthy eating is about incorporating greens into your diet, you can definitely pick up an acai bowl with these toppings, and without second thoughts.

Acai bowls are a great pick for people looking to eat right and healthy. Many juice bars in Houston offer this rich foodstuff along with options of customization. So the next time you visit one of those joints, be sure to grab your bowl and treat your taste buds to a nutrition rich meal.