Why are Acai Bowls Good for You?

Acai bowls suddenly became hot food trends. From college students to busy executives to aged population, for all age groups Acai bowl became the favourite breakfast dish. With too many topping options, Acai bowl in Melbourne and elsewhere comes with a wide variety of choices for every taste bud. The Brazilian berry called Acai took over the popular food culture not just because of taste, but also due to the high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. But this sudden popularity over the health attributes of this food is based on research or it is just another newest trend on the food scene. How beneficial healthy this new food option is, let’s find out.

A sweet treat without added sugar

There is no stopping in the sweet craving of people. Sweet treats became popular these days with new food chains coming up with new varieties, fusion sweets every day. Shops to quench your sweet craving is popping up everywhere and they have an irresistible charm to people. In this respect this increasing trend of having Acai bowls for breakfast actually proves to be healthy since they satisfy the sweet craving while keeping you healthy with a bevy of nutrients and dietary fibre.

People feel good about the bowls because it gives them the soul satisfying tasty smoothie that tastes like ice cream though in health benefits leaves all sweet dishes far behind. An Acai Bowl is like consuming a crunchy, chewy smoothie with your own toppings of choice. As the name suggests, the smoothie bowl is packed with Acai berries besides other natural ingredients like fruits, nuts, healthy cereals, etc. Acai is long dubbed as a super food because of its surprising range of health benefits.

Health facts about Acai

As far as the sugar quantity of Acai bowl is considered, it is less likely to spike the blood glucose thanks to its high quantity of fibre. Depending on the specific toppings and the type of natural elements used as toppings the sugar quantity can further be controlled and can actually be made a diet healthy for anyone. To sum up, Acai berries are full of antioxidants, vital minerals and vitamins to offer complete nutrition and nourishment to your body. When topped with nuts, other fruits or mixed with other healthy ingredients like soy milk, they make the best breakfast option in the world.

Acai berries are considered as a super food also because of its anti-ageing and anti-obesity properties. Considered in contrast to so called sweet options like the chocolate shake, vanilla cone, chocolate cake, whipped cream, Mocha Frappuccino and similar fibre less, only sweet options, Acai bowls are less likely to spike the sugar in blood. Actually, fibre consumed with sugary food slows down the metabolism and prevents instant spike in blood glucose level. This is what happens when consuming an Acai bowl dish topped with nuts, raw fruits, oats, etc.

This is no longer one of those food fads that a lot of people do not believe as healthy. Obviously, before buying considering the fibre quantity is important. There are too many Acai bowl options that can be good for even someone controlling his sugar intake. In this respect, checking labels and reading the nutrition facts carefully is important. When indulging in any of these bowls, give attention to the ingredients and toppings. People already started treating these bowls as their favourite sweet treat or dessert just because of the yummy taste of the smoothie. But, considering the health benefits when consumed with fibre rich toppings they can consider substituting Acai bowls as a dish for breakfast or sometimes even a meal. As far as the sugar quantity of the Acai fruit goes, it contains sugars but one can always keep a check by adding healthy toppings. Actually, the sugar causing health concern is the artificial kind rather than the natural one. So, if your Acai bowl is devoid of any artificial sugar content like that granola you can actually consider it healthier treat, especially with toppings like almond, strawberries, walnuts etc. A balance between fibre quantity and the natural sugar can be reached.

So, nothing prevents you to enjoy a bowl!

It can be assumed that you have been smacking your lips for an entire bowl full of this ice cream like smoothie throughout the time you have been reading this post. Obviously, keeping aside health worries to have a nice sweet treat is not a less reward and Acai bowl in this respect can be the best choice. Obviously, the ingredient used in the bowl, the choice of toppings and the way it is prepared, all contributes to the healthy properties of Acai bowl.