Kenyan Tea Has Wide Acceptance as A Healthy Refreshing Drink

Kenyan Tea Enjoys Mass Approbation

This brand enjoys the global appreciation for the overall effectiveness that it will bring to the body functions. Have a cup of this tea in the morning; you can make yourself ready for the start of the daily chores. It will ignite your inner energy and will keep you prepared for attending the day’s tasks effectively. The freshness of the tea leaves and the lack of chemical particles add much quality to the tea. All of the different versions of Kenyan teas have supreme purity, because of the environmental peculiarities.

The tropical climate of Kenya makes sure of high rainwater and temperature. Besides, Kenyan tea plantations stay at a whopping height of 4500 to 7500 feet, and this ensures sharp and direct sunlight. These positive factors boost the growth of healthy tea leaves. The rich sunshine ensures another vital thing; there is no need of artificial pest and weed control procedures by using pesticides or herbicides. This is an added advantage, because, tea leaves will be free from any taints of chemicals or such harmful particles. In addition, there will be a good shower of ultraviolet rays due to the high altitude. The net result of this is the higher level of anti-oxidants, which prevents tea leaves from getting damages. Because of these naturally beneficial factors, the tea leaves will be of supreme quality with good aroma and taste.

Various Varieties Are Available

Kenya exports a variety of teas such as black tea, green tea, white matcha tea, purple tea, etc. Each one of these teas has gained the grand appreciation of the users. Among the lot, Kenyan tea plantations are globally famous for the production of ‘purple tea’. The leaves of this tea-plant have purple colour, and this is something special among the other tea brands. The reason for the special colour is the genetic mutation that occurs automatically because of the environmental speciality and the unique fertile nature of the Kenyan soil. The opulence of swarming sunlight due to the high elevation and the availability of the desired level of water are the other distinctive features that make the purple colour of the tea leaves. All tastes of this brand tea are helpful for the perfect functioning of the human body, as per the opinion of the users.

Buy Kenyan tea From Leading Importers

This is imperative to make sure about the quality of the tea. Such top importers will have good working-relationships with the premium tea plantations that produce quality tea. In addition, they will work with tea plantations that stay at different locations, and this stamps the authentic taste and flavour of the tea. They also ensure that the plantation management makes use of sustainable farming methods for tea cultivation, and this means that the users are sure to get safe tea. Drinking this tea will be a great experience for you and will make you highly refreshed.

Wholesale Opportunities

Apart from the individual buyers, hotels, restaurants, and retail traders are also getting extra benefits by trading with established tea importers. They will get fresh tea products at reduced wholesale rates, so that they can pass the discounts to their customers. This will pave the way for customer retention, which is of great importance in today’s competitive market.

Locate the Online Portals of Leading Importers

The most feasible way of buying pure Kenyan tea is to buy through the online portals of trustworthy traders. You can expect to get top quality tea from them. They trade with reputed tea plantations in Kenya, which performs the processing works immediately after the plucking of the tea leaves. As the processing units will be close to the plantation, immediate transfer of the leaves to the unit is possible. Hence, the company can pack fresh leaves for exporting. It is easy to find such importers using the internet sources.