What are the Best Tequilas & What Makes Them Great?

Tequila has long had a notorious reputation for being harsh, but the truth is that it can be delicious and smooth. Just like Scotch or Bourbon or other spirits, tequilas have a wide breadth of flavors and aromas that make it perfect for almost anyone. And as tequila becomes more widely enjoyed and more quality tequilas come from the distilleries in Mexico, people will have access to some incredibly tasty experiences, including the smoothest tequilas in existence.

How Does Tequila Get Made?

Tequila tasting requires a bit of knowledge on how the product is actually made, from start to finish, and the many types of tequilas that already exist. Once you know a little bit about how it’s made, you can learn to look for certain tastes when you enjoy those smoothest tequilas.

Tequila distilling starts with the blue agave, a fruit and succulent that is high in sugars, making it the perfect plant for distillation. Tequila is traditionally made in the Jalisco state in Mexico, in and around the city of Tequila, where the spirit gets its namesake. The smoothest tequilas are made in the area and often use older, more mature agave plants.

The agave plants are still farmed in the traditional ways, largely unchanged by modern farming equipment and practices. Instead, the growers rely on generational experience that is handed down, and the results are agave plants that produce the smoothest tequilas. These plants are harvested at their peak sugar content to aid in the distillation process, and are roasted and mashed to extract the juice. That juice is then poured into vats for distillation and, depending on the type of tequila, can be removed within a few days.

Recommendations for the Smoothest Tequilas

If you are looking for the smoothest tequilas out there, you can start with a line of tequilas. Each are incredible, high-quality tequilas with a wide variety of flavors and aromas. All three are an opportunity to try some of the smoothest tequilas on the market, but here’s a little breakdown for each.

Platinum Triple-Distilled Silver Tequila

One of the smoothest silver tequilas in the world, Platinum Tequila offers a remarkably balanced, airy nose of roasted agave and fresh herbs. From your first sip, you will discover delicate tones of mint and sweet agave before finishing with crisp citrus and herbal hints of spice. As a silver tequila, the agave flavor is at the forefront, the tequila equivalent of a “fruit forward” wine.

Cristalino Añejo Tequila

Añejo tequilas are often some of the smoothest tequilas because of the aging process. Unlike silver tequilas, which are aged for just a few weeks to preserve the rich flavor of the agaves, añejo tequilas are aged between one and three years. During that time, the agave flavors become richer and subtler as the wood from the casks influences the profile. The result: a beautiful sipping tequila.

Cristalino Añejo Tequila offers one of the smoothest tequila tastes out there, with a complex nose that smells of everything from vanilla, caramel and dark chocolate to coconut, peach and cherry. On your first sip, you will instantly taste rising notes of fruit and cedar, along with hints of vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate. The taste will finish with cooked agave for a unique and delicious tasting experience.

Mango Tequila

The mango tequila offered easily one of the smoothest tequila liqueurs out there. While it boasts a much lower ABV than the other tequilas, it also has a distinctive mango flavor that cuts any lingering harshness out of the drink. The result is a mango-infused tequila that’s tropical and delicious. You will notice on the nose the mango along with caramel, mint, and baked agave. With the taste, you will notice the classic blue tequila taste with sweet caramel and mango and finishing with crisp citrus. It’s the perfect starting place for anyone who loves tequila cocktail and a tropical twist on your usual tequila experience.

Tequilas are on the rise and only getting more popular and more delicious with every passing year. If you are on the hunt for the smoothest tequila, start by checking out some of the incredibly different flavor profiles; each will give you a unique look into the wide flavor offerings available in tequila.